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Cost To Start

Enrollment Fee comes out of Savings in Program.


Mention this URL of this Web Page, and receive $520 Rebate Bonus!

($1.00 back on each $3.95 electronic debit fee for 20 years)

Save Monthly

Our program is designed to drop PMI. (Private Mortgage Ins.)

Saving You approx. $100.00 a month. Competitors have no such program.

Applied To Principal

Extra debit in the months where 3 debits occur is applied immediately to principal with BWMA.

Our competitors hold your money for 6 months!

Equity In 5 Years

Competitors figures are low because they show only part of the picture, principal reduction equity.

BWMA members have 300% more equity because they combine all three equities together to show the entire picture, i.e. down payment equity, appreciation equity and principal reduction equity.

Do you want only part of the picture or the whole picture?

Equity In 10 Years

After 10 Years with a BWMA Preferred Biweekly Mortgage Plan you have enough Equity to put your children through College, buy a dream home or Retire early.

Semi-monthly Debiting

Prefer semi-monthly or monthly Payments over Biweekly?

Not a Problem with BWMA Consultants. They do it all!

Competitors have no such options.

Increases Selling Price

Competitors only allow you to transfer the program to your next mortgage note.

BWMA lets you transfer the Preferred Biweekly Plan to the next buyer.

Give your Buyers one more good reason to want your home, i.e. Home For Sale $150,000, ask about our Special $63,000 savings.

Biweekly Mortgage Association Description
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Biweekly Companies
No Out Of Pocket Cost Cost To Start $395.00
$520.00 Bonus -0-
$100.00 Save Monthly -0-
Immediately Applied To Principal 6 months
$52,188 Equity in 5 Years $13,100
$99,265 Equity in 10 Years $32,378
Yes Semi-monthly Debiting No
$1000.00 Increases Selling Price -0-

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