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Why BWMA is the clearly the preferred choice:
  • Homeowners can sign-up with no $ out of pocket.
  • Extra 1/2 Debit paid to principal upon receipt.
  • Mortgage Auditing.
  • Only 7-Day Lead time from Application
  • Semi-Monthly Debiting Available

     Whether you are a Homeowner looking for a easy way to make Biweekly Mortgage Payments designed to help you reach your own personal financial goals, or you're a Mortgage Professional looking for new Biweekly Mortgage Opportunities to help your clients get the home mortgage they need, the Biweekly Mortgage Association (BWMA) is the company you've been looking for.

     Since 1984, the Biweekly Mortgage Association (BWMA) is the original and most trusted biweekly company in the USA with thousands of satisfied Clients having used BWMA to make their biweekly mortgage payments.

     We offer the most competitive Biweekly Payment Program in the United States!  Our biweekly payment plan has options so no Homeowner is left behind who wants to enroll.

     Find out now how much could you save with our Biweekly Mortgage Calculator or call us directly at 1-928-263-6261 or 1-800-248-8840 for personal attention.

How much could you save?
Find out now with our
Biweekly Mortgage Calculator!

The Biweekly
Mortgage Association
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Better Business Bureau.
Who is the Biweekly Mortgage Association:
  • We are a unique independent organization of mortgage reduction consultants in the U.S.A.
  • The pioneer in Biweekly Mortgage Reduction Program Industry.
  • As one of the oldest, most respected and recognized Biweekly Mortgage Reduction Program
  • We're a collective body of members, by members, for members, to pool resources, techniques, training, aids, tools, etc. for the benefit of not only the members, but for the greater public good.
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